Choosing my sperm donor was such an exciting experience. I thought it would be really hard to choose who I wanted to be the donor for my baby, but actually it ended up being incredibly easy. I realised eye colour and height weren’t important to me, but the personality became important. The donor I chose also had a similar educational background to me as well.

The first treatment James (from the Lister Clinic) suggested was IUI – less invasive than IVF where the drugs that you take stimulate your follicles, eggs get released and at the same time the sperm is put inside in the hope that the 2 will collide. At the time of thus cycle, my sperm sample hadn’t arrived at the clinic in time for when I needed it and my friend and I thought we would go to the Sperm bank to chase it up. Well, I’ve never seen a group of people look so shocked or go so white as they did. I don’t think they had ever had anyone go to the sperm bank direct to get the sample. Needless to say, it arrived first thing the following morning.

Unfortunately, IUI didn’t work. Whilst I knew I could stimulate my follicles (only a very small number), what I didn’t know was did I produce eggs. So, I decided my next cycle would be IVF.