In March 2016 I decided to get a 2nd opinion about my fertility. I had already visited the fertility show at Olympia and met the most incredibly friendly people from Shady Grove in Washington, America. I knew of a lady who had visited Shady Grove and couldn’t sing their praises high enough and had been fortunate to have a gorgeous baby son born by egg donation.

After some great communication with Shady Grove I flew out to America and saw the wonderful Dr Michael Levy for a complimentary day. I had a detailed consultation with him and then a scan…and WOW what a scan…he saw follicles! Something I had been told were non existent. I couldn’t believe it!

I have skipped quite a bit, but should say here that it took an awful lot of deep, deep soul searching on my part. No one will know what its like to go through this process unless you’re going through it and to go through the whole process of the fact that I would never have my own biological children. So, to be told I had follicles and therefore the chance to have my own biological child just blew my mind.

It was there and then that Dr Levy referred me to the Lister Clinic in London, but most importantly James Nicopoullos. I made the decision to have a sperm donor and to have baby and become a single mum.