In March 2012, with my partner we decided to embark on fertility treatment. I knew due to my previous health issues I would need fertility treatment. I completely underestimated the process and the length of time it would all take. This is from someone who isn’t very patient with anything. Embarking on a fertility journey has certainly taught me to be patient!

The initial referral took 6 months and my partner and I went along to an appointment where the Dr literally rubbed his hands together saying ‘how easy it would be for me to get pregnant’ so we left the room literally skipping and feeling elated…..unfortunately this was not to be.

I embarked on stimulation drugs to get my ovaries working and unfortunately I didn’t respond. I was later told I had gone into early menopause so my only route would be egg donation.

I won’t go into too much detail about this clinic as it wasn’t a clinic I enjoyed going to, but once on a cycle I felt obliged. The staff had no empathy and it became clear very quickly that this clinic were mainly interested in my money. As a result, my partner and I ended up going to Spain twice for egg donation. The first time we went out there my partner’s sperm was fertilised with the donor egg and we got 15 eggs, 12 fertilised and 5 got to the blastocyst stage so I had 2 embryos put back in on separate occasions. After the 2nd cycle, I couldn’t cope with the clinic I was with – I didn’t feel comfortable, it wasn’t a enjoyable experience.

This process was to later cause huge strain on my relationship with my partner and we eventually split up.

By this point it was the beginning of 2016 and I was too determined to give up on my fertility and decided that I would get a 2nd opinion….